When we opened our cannabis dispensary, in the spring of 2018, one of the first things we observed was that many of the edible items on the market lacked quality control and consistency in strength. True Dose Edibles was created in this manner. We made the decision to create a line that was truly local and whose potency could always be guaranteed. All of our goods are tested in-house at our own lab. We also strongly believe that edibles shouldn’t merely serve as a delivery system for cannabis products. They must always taste fantastic too! A lot of consideration is put into flavour profiles to ensure that the edible complements the cannabis products it is infused with, while also tasting excellent. While creating an infused consumable, many brands fail to consider the percentage base of the cannabis product being used. For instance, eating a 10mg THC cookie infused with dried cannabis flower that has a low THC content will feel very different from eating an edible that has been infused with a high potency concentrate, like shatter or distillate, which has a 10mg THC content as well. The fact that some power is lost during the heating or infusion process is another common oversight. All of this is carefully taken into account by True Dose Edibles. To make up for this loss, we add additional cannabis product to our recipes. To ensure that results remain correct, products are also retested before leaving our facility. As a result, you might discover that our products feel stronger than the same THC dose from other brands.


We want to control as much as possible with our products, which is why we are involved in every aspect of production, from seed to sale.

In-House Grow

We have a large outdoor garden. We grow our own cannabis to use within as many of our products as possible.

In-House Processing

We harvest our own crops and process it accordingly, whether it be curing for dried flower, or freezing fresh for live extracts.

In-House extracting

We have our own extractions lab where we produce a variety of cannabis extracts, such as shatter & live diamonds.

In-House Bakery

We manufacture a wide range of edibles infused with THC, CBD, or a mix of the two in our own in-house bakery.

In-House package & deliver

We source and produce all packaging for our products and strive to always deliver in a timely manner.


Back in late 2017, the owners of True Dose were a struggling couple on the lookout for a side hustle to make some extra cash. They decided to start small and began making cannabis-infused suckers and gummy bears in their tiny kitchen. Their dedication to perfecting their recipes and experimenting with different flavors and strengths paid off as they gained a loyal customer base of friends and family. With word of mouth spreading, they began supplying a local dispensary and soon realized the need for proper edibles in the market. This prompted them to open their own cannabis dispensary.

As their business grew, they accumulated enough capital to reinvest into the company, leading to the construction of a 5500 square foot production facility just two years later. Their edibles were an instant hit, and the demand for their products grew rapidly. Their profits were invested back into the business, expanding their kitchen equipment and hiring a staff of over 20 employees. The owners of True Dose were relentless in their pursuit of excellence, always pushing the boundaries of what was possible in the world of cannabis edibles.


Thank you for your interest in True Dose! We’re thrilled to offer our premium quality products
to businesses and retailers looking for the best in cannabis edibles.